Adminer - Translations

If you would like to create a new translation for Adminer then follow these steps:

  1. Download current source codes from Git: git://
  2. Copy file adminer/lang/ to adminer/lang/, where __ is your ISO 639-1 language code.
  3. Translate all values in the $translations array. Use UTF-8 encoding.
  4. Plurals should be translated as arrays: '%d beer(s)' => array('%d beer', '%d beers'). If your language uses another rules than English (singular for 1, plural for anything else) then indicate this in comment.
  5. Add a value into the $langs array in file adminer/include/
  6. Review the translation by pointing your browser to adminer/index.php.
  7. Send a pull request on GitHub.
  8. The translation will be published under the Apache and GPL Licenses.

Thanks for your contribution!